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Discord is an exciting platform, especially for an artist with such an engaged fanbase as Fred again.., but we wouldn’t have had such promising levels of community growth and engagement without Levellr.

Their tools are invaluable for data & insights, but the team also go the extra-mile to help with strategy and moderation.

Fiona McAuley
Head of Audience, Atlantic Records

Own your audience data

Platforms like TikTok, YouTube, and Instagram make it impossible to reach your audience — except through them. With Levellr, you‘ll finally have email addresses for your fans. Collect marketing opt-ins from fans you haven’t reached before and use custom data fields to enrich data you already have.


Welcome fans with tailor-made signup forms and landing pages

Welcome fans into your community through custom-built landing pages. Or seamlessly integrate Levellr communities with your existing websites, apps, or newsletters so your customers can feel at home from the first moment.


Monitor community growth and health

Understand how your Discord or Telegram community is evolving with insightful analytics. Monitor stats like member growth, interactions over time, members sending messages, churn rate, and more. Devote your time to what matters with a data-driven approach.


Reward your most loyal fans

Identify your most passionate and engaged fans, then share the love. Reward superfans with exclusive roles, early access to tickets and merch, or exclusive group chats with your top talent.


Stay safe with responsive moderation

Spam and trolling can be a huge problem for brands and businesses, especially on social media. Our moderation services can monitor your communities 24/7 and keep you, your talent, and your customers safe.


Bring supporters from other platforms

Got existing subscribers on other platforms? Connect with platforms like Patreon, YouTube memberships, Kofi and Substack to create an exclusive Discord or Telegram community for your supporters.


Grow revenue with paid subscriptions

Make money with a paid community on Discord or Telegram by charging for access on a weekly, monthly, quarterly or yearly basis. Or make payment optional and take donations from your superfans.


Guarantee your success with a waitlist

Start a successful, lively community on Discord or Telegram using an early access waitlist. Share your waitlist with fans to build hype and prove the demand for your new community. Then launch with a bang.

Getting all of our listeners together in one place to chat with each other has long been an ambition, but we didn‘t know how to make it work. Levellr made this happen for us seamlessly. As a company they have been supportive and sensitive. As a platform they have been exactly what we needed.

Neil Atkinson
The Anfield Wrap, Podcasters & YouTubers

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