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This is a community for everyday runners in both senses of the word “everyday”: we're normal people, and some of us try to run every single day! Every runner who wants to build a habit is welcome here. 🥰

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This group has taught me the value of a mile. I love just deciding to run at any time and just start running in any shoes and any attire.

— Aliasgar


I've been running every day for over 50 days. I would have not kept this up if it wasn’t for the group. When I see the ✅’s coming in throughout the day, I’m like damn I need to do my run!

— Iain


Had a 12 day streak because of this group and this probably was the longest running streak I’ve ever had.

— Kurt


I did couple of daily run end of last year and today starting again. Already way more than my average. This group was a big motivation 😄

— Georges


I ran a mile in deep snow! ⛄ Only because of this group.

— Vic


Been low on energy last few days. Streak only kept alive thanks to this group's mile minimum. In the past I'd have taken a couple of rest days until I felt I had the energy to get back to 5km or more. Last 3 days have been 2km-ish and I felt better for each of them!

— Craig


  • I'm Ben Barbersmith, an average guy. Over the course of 18 months I transformed myself from an unfit obese developer who couldn't run a mile into a pretty reasonable marathon runner.

    Then starting in 2016 I ran at least 2 km every single day, without exception, for over 5 years.

    During those 5 years I ran almost 14,000 kilometers, averaging 7.6 km per day. I ran a 03:04 marathon, ran 104 km in a 24 hour timed race, came 9th in a 50 km ultramarathon, and found a deep peace in running.

    But I still remember how hard it was getting started! I did Couch to 5k, which was agony, and I failed to finish it repeatedly. And even when I started my everyday running streak, I had no idea I'd keep it up for 5 years...

    Join us in the Everyday Runners community as we help each other start and maintain running streaks of our own and reach our own personal running goals!

  • Ben Barbersmith

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