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Wow, never expected a free chat group would intro me to co-founder but I was proved wrong. Serious gratitude for setting this up!

— Charlie Hart


The advice in this group is really invaluable, I had so many questions answered!

— Virat


Awesome bunch of people looking to help each other, thanks for setting up!

— Ben Ritter


  • I'm Tom Gayner, a once solo founder, who now has a co-founder.

    11 months into setting up my business, I brought on a co-founder, and was surprised how many people that shocked! How can they be a co-founder after you already started the business? How did you find that person? Did you get to know them first? How much equity did you give them?

    All valid questions, and ones I had to answer as I went through the process. In all honesty, I probably would have started the business with others if I had the right people to call on at the time, but I didn't, and for me, finding your partner(s) is the hardest part.

    You can work out what the equity split should be, how to setup contracts, what the roles & responsibilities are, but finding that person, that is the challenge. This groups aims to help you fix that, by introducing you a brilliant bunch of entrepreneurs looking to find a co-founder, it might just be you!

  • Tom Gayner

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