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Genuinely the best wrestling podcast in the world, GP is better than them all. Love all the goosebumps! Keep it up lad

— DazTwo3

Their knowledge is unsurpassed...honest, enthusiastic and full of passion for all things top draw

— Horatio James

Excellent British WWE podcast which is great and fun to listen to! Cheers guys!

— danneal666

Such a huge fan of these podcasts from James and the regular crew

— Mike14T

Love this podcast, one of, if not the best WWE pod

— Stephen Wood1985

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  • Meet your host

    Gorilla Position founder and host James Delow has spent the last decade writing, producing and hosting content in collaboration with WWE; everything from podcasts and short-form digital content to live events and broadcast documentaries.

    His encyclopaedic knowledge of the brand and strong relationships with the Superstars help bring a natural, dynamic tone to the content.

    Through the podcast, YouTube channel and @WWEGP social channels, James is constantly engaging with the rabid fanbase who trust his passion and insider knowledge. As a life-long fan in a unique position of being both independent and 'on the inside', there is no-one in the country more informed, in-tune and integrated in the world of WWE than the host and creator of Gorilla Position!

  • The Gorilla Position team

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