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As a society, we're closed to certain topics. We give universal experiences like death and grief the silent treatment, but we want to help change that. Help break the silence by joining our community of friends, helping each other one message at a time.

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A sweet, moving conversation about grief and how to talk to people experiencing it. Alby and Clem speak with such empathy and warmth, and I will definitely be asking my friends, “how is today?”

— Pee


Wonderful, honest and thought provoking! It’s helping my grief thank you

— Andrew


Such a refreshingly honest and extraordinarily open conversation

— NWellis


  • The movement was founded by two people (Clemmie Clough & Alby Shale) in their late twenties who connected over losing a parent when young.

    After swapping stories, we realised we were both still dealing with a painful hangover of grief plus a few of the ‘leftovers’ like anxiety, depression and loneliness (even from close friends and family around them).

    We saw a pattern with their experience, and saw a pattern in society too.

    Silence creates a stigma.

    After six months we made two promises. First, to always be there for each other.

    Second, to leave something behind to make it better. For the people currently going through it. And for the people it hasn’t happened to yet.

    “If you could change one thing about grief, what would it be?”

    That no one feels they have to do it alone.

  • Clemmie & Alby

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