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Plugged In Golf is my go-to source for reliable information on equipment, golf technology, courses, and more. The insightful reviews are both honest and fair. Based on recommendations from the site, I have purchased clubs, balls, and tech that I otherwise would not have considered or known about. More importantly, my game has improved as a result.

— Christopher Shively

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    Plugged In Golf was launched with a key belief: that golf is better when golfers are better informed.

    Thousands of golfers from across the globe now head to Plugged In Golf for honest reviews, world-class instruction, and data-driven myth busting.

    Join the community and meet the Plugged In Golf team, Matt Saternus, Matt Meeker, Michael Feland, Zack Buechner, Dylan Thaemert, and Drew Koch - a true collective of golf lovers who want to help you on your golf journey.

  • The Plugged In Golf team

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