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    We are Lucas & Dan, a dj and music production duo from Amsterdam. We’ve each been active in the music industry for about 15 years, under different names and monikers. We teamed up during 2020 to create Similar ETA, a new dj/producer act focused on a sound that is making a comeback: minimal house and techno. Winking to the early 2000s but blending it with fresh beats of 2021, a true minimal renaissance with a modern twist. We had a few releases off the bat, on Hey! Records, Welter Records, and with various bandcamp distributors.

    Next to that we love to attend and organize club events, warehouse raves and festivals. We’ve been doing this in Amsterdam, Berlin and Dublin, and we recently started a new club concept at the veronicaschip in Amsterdam, an infamous venue on an old fishing vessel that became iconic as a pirate radio station broadcasting illegally from the sea in the 1970s. The first edition was a banger and it showed us the power of community! So we’d love to invite you to join our private community on Telegram, to stay up-to-date on future parties and music.

    The thought behind Similar ETA: When you are on a road but you don't know where. When paths cross but you don't know the origin of the path. When you come together at a point with others in unity of mind but through different routes. When a track brings you a place you've been looking for, perhaps without knowing. When you meet others at a similar point where you are. When you know "this is where I want to be" and everyone around you has this feeling too. When you know that everyone you see has reached this point naturally without effort. When there is no description of where this point is and you still know it is where you should be, and everyone around you knows it too. When the cosmos brings you together on the point of unity in music. Only then will you know the right way forward. We help to bring you to this point. We will meet there with Similar ETA.

  • Lucas & Dan

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