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Yes yes! I’m Jack Downer, AKA Street Panna, and this community has a clear purpose: to help you become a better player. This exclusive community allows us to chat directly with other players as we all help each other to improve. So come on in!

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The best panna player out there. Jack has taught me so much!

— Alex


My game has improved so much since I started learning from Jack

— Arlo23


My goal is to get into the Panna Championship one day, Jack is helping me get there

— Kev$05


  • Jack Downer is widely known for his talents as a street footballer and football freestyler. Having garnered a huge following, with over 300k+ subscribers on his YouTube channel and an incredible 696,000+followers on Instagram, Jack is widely regarded as the biggest talent in the Panna space.

    Specialising in street football, Jack is best known for Panna - a one on one game with the aim to pass the football through the opponent's legs and recover the ball on the other side. His talents as a street footballer have seen Jack not only get to play with some of the best players in the world, including David Beckham, Paul Pogba & Kai Havertz, but become the London Panna Champion and Superaball Panna World Champion.

    Before getting into the world of street football, Jack showed promise as a traditional football player. Unfortunately injury cut this dream short. During his recovery, Jack found his love for street football and Panna and continued to practise his skills in this new form of football.

    Now Jack uses his YouTube channel Street Panna & messaging community to provide audiences with tutorials on how to master the art of Panna and hopes to inspire future generations to move away from traditional mainstream football to the more unique street football.

  • Jack Downer AKA Street Panna

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