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As any person who has had a pet can tell you, animals have distinct personalities and the ability to form relationships with humans. Kevin Richardson has simply taken that bonding process and applied it to his lions, who despite their fearsome size and strength, accepted him as one of their own.

— Julie


This man has found his true calling and his true friends and family, and we get to see how he got there. He makes one want to someday visit where he works to see him and his dear animal and human friends interacting with love, caring and great understanding....People like this man COULD establish more peace on this planet just by showing us how to "read" and understand and love creatures who might otherwise scare us, but who are really just as afraid of us as we would be of them...He is a great animal spokesperson too.

— Tina


He is awesome. His courage is amazing! His strong spirit grips your heart...and squeezes your compassionate out for these predators.

— Laborcita


  • Kevin Richardson is a world-renowned wildlife conservationist and filmmaker, recognized by his persona as the ‘Lion Whisperer’. His mission is to highlight the status of Africa’s most iconic predator, the lion, through his work in the media and alongside fellow campaigners, researchers and scientists.

  • Kevin Richardson

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