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This is the online community where you can meet students arriving this semester in Amsterdam. Connect with locals and like-minded students from all over the world, in the most beautiful city.

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Probably the best student service experience I’ve had in AMS. Super friendly staff! Offers super useful info and guidance, especially during this pandemic, as well as cool tips and other things.

— Victoria 🇪🇸


I had a great time chatting with the host, Tim. The people I got in contact with were committed to great service and were very friendly. The vibe was awesome and I definitely liked that the system is user friendly!

— Frank 🇳🇱


For all the negative things I have to say about Amsterdam in general (not super expat friendly, expensive, etc), the help I got from TSN was actually helpful. I'm so pleased with their treatment of me everytime I needed assistance. I never feel like l'm inconveniencing them and they're so respectful.

— Mohammed 🇪🇬


  • Hi there, I'm Tim, your trusty Amsterdam guide. Together with The Student Life, I will help you with any relevant questions, making sure you are well prepared for your adventure in The Netherlands! As a former international student myself, I look forward to helping you with whatever I can.

  • Ruben

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