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I only want the raw unapologetic gospel, the real mckoy - going after the King and His Kingdom - and this is what this school was. I also enjoyed being around like-minded people who were wanting to truly live Kingdom - and not dance to the drumbeat of this world.

— Bobbi Kumari (founder Living in the Light Ministries and Author of Sacred Sexuality)


A wonderful partnership of humility and hunger exists in the people who are authentically passionate about God. This hunger puts a profound demand on heaven. I truly love and admire Dominic Muir. He is a contagious lover of Jesus, the kind of which I wish there were millions more.

— Bill Johnson—Bethel Church, Redding, CA Author of When Heaven Invades Earth and God is Good


Modern-day prophet, fearless in his calling.

— Simon Guillebaud, Author, Speaker and Founder, Great Lakes Outreach


Dominic has a gift of exploring the truth and challenging us to dive into a deeper understanding of the nature and character of God.

— Tiffany Buhler, David’s Tent Managing Director


We have seen Dominic preach on the streets, in shopping malls, at times on top of post boxes and even on the roof tops of shanty towns. His passion to preach the gospel in its original undiluted form with the cross at the centre is an ongoing relentless journey that I have had the privilege and honour to witness time after time. His teaching is the fuel behind the fire Dominic carries both for the Lord and the lost souls he is chasing day and night.

— Rahil Patel, Author of Found By Love


Dominic is a much-needed voice carrying a rallying cry to believers to truly live lives worthy of their high calling.

— Lucy Grimble, Worship Leader

  • Meet your host

    Dominic Muir is married to Thea and they have two children. Dominic leads Now Believe charity, Jesus Fields ministries, is Co-Founder (with his wife Thea) of I Am So Many Things and Founder of David’s Tent.

    Dominic has over 14 years of ministering the gospel on the streets all over the world. Dominic led a street church in Soho’s Red Light District in London for seven years, has run gospel crusades in India for 13 years and has led street teams of over 300 at gospel events in major cities all over the country.

    Dominic is also the author of two books, ‘God Hunger’ and ‘Firebrand’ and has spoken at conferences and led discipleship groups since 2008.

    It is Dominic’s passion to see the Body of Christ come out of the four walls of the church building and become bold preachers of the gospel every place - for such a time as this.

  • Dominic Muir

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