We help you build a community with your customers.

Agencies, brands and businesses use Levellr to manage communities, gather first-party data, and create new revenue streams from messaging groups on Discord and Telegram.

Getting all of our listeners together in one place to chat with each other has long been an ambition, but we didn‘t know how to make it work. Levellr made this happen for us seamlessly. As a company they have been supportive and sensitive. As a platform they have been exactly what we needed.

Neil Atkinson
The Anfield Wrap, Podcasters & YouTubers

Tailor-made user onboarding

Welcome users into your communities through custom-built user journeys. Seamlessly integration Levellr communities with your existing websites, apps, or newsletters so your customers can feel at home from the first moment.


Reward your most loyal fans

Connect your existing data platforms to Levellr and bring your most loyal fans into your communities. Reward subscribers, top purchasers, or loyalty scheme members with exclusive access to secret communities or discussions with your top talent.


Enrich your customer data

Collect custom data on every customer in your community. Collect emails for customers you haven‘t reached before. Or enable custom data fields to enrich and augment data you already have.


Stay safe with responsive moderation

Spam and trolling is a huge problem for brands and businesses, especially on social media. Our moderation services can monitor your communities 24/7 and keep you, your talent, and your customers safe.


Monitor your community health

Understand how your Discord and Telegram communities is evolving with insightful analytics. Monitor stats like member growth, interactions over time, members sending messages, churn rate, and more. Devote your time to what matters with a data-driven approach.

Ready to join businesses around the world building messaging communities?