Jedidiah Silud

Levellr’s Head of Community

Before joining Levellr, Jedidiah spent 7 years working in early-stage tech start-ups independently and in teams within different areas of the marketing mix. She’s a third culture kid with a large amount of cross-cultural exposure and has lived in Manila, Guangzhou, Beijing, Hong Kong, and currently resides in London. She has given a community of third culture kids around the world a wifi home and a sense of belonging by building an on and offline third culture kid global community through her brand TCKGlobal using multiple platforms including Slack, Whatsapp, and Discord through the iteration cycles of the community’s ecosystem architecture. At the age of 22, in 2018 she gave a TEDx talk on the growth of her community, and what it means to be a third culture kid. In 2022, she joined Levellr as Head of Community with a mission to architect healthy community ecosystems across endless verticals.