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Levellr is a simple-to-use community management tool that provides detailed analytics, sentiment tracking, content scheduling and more.

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Trusted by leading brands across gaming, music, sport, AI, and consumer

Levellr have proven they are best-in-class at helping creators, music artists & brands thrive on Discord.

I'm consistently impressed by their software offering & community experts helping community owners build and grow healthy servers.

Kenny Layton
ex-Head of Entertainment Partnerships, Discord

Levellr’s suite of Discord tools and community expertise turns community building from a “nice-to-have” to a “have-to-have”.

Average marketing opt-in rate achieved with our GDPR-compliant tools, 25x vs. the industry standard
Average pieces of UGC captured per customer per year using our community content tools
Typical monthly savings per customer on professional moderation costs
Sales revenue generated by a Levellr customer in under 24 hours through our e-commerce integrations

Powerful software solutions for Discord

Built by an ex-YouTube team, our innovative suite of tools help you take ownership of your server with access to email addresses & GDPR compliant first-party data, tap into UGC, drive monetization, and understand your community.

“The Levellr toolset is an invaluable tool for us to keep the pulse on what's happening in our amazing Starbucks community. The analytics capabilities and user flow have been extremely powerful for keeping the vibrant community running.”

Joe O'Rourke
Co-Founder of Forum3

Driving new revenue streams via Discord

Our suite of e-commerce tools are helping customers to drive millions of dollars a month in revenue from superfans in their Discord server.

“Discord is a really powerful platform if harnessed properly, but it requires genuine expertise. We wouldn’t be having the same levels of success and driving as much ROI without Levellr.”

Dan Kruchkow
CMO, Crush Music & Crush Ventures

Providing safety & engagement through moderation

Your community lives or dies on the quality of its moderation. We help you source, build and manage moderation teams to keep the community safe and highly engaged.

“Discord is an exciting platform, especially for an artist with such an engaged fanbase as Fred again.., but we wouldn’t have had such promising levels of community growth and engagement without Levellr. Their tools are invaluable for data & insights, and the team also go the extra-mile to help with strategy and moderation.”

Fiona McAuley
Head of Audience, Atlantic Records

The team you need for community management

Need help setting up, managing and growing your community? Our Discord experts bring years of experience to help your community thrive.

“It’s been so great having Levellr on board. It really feels like we’ve taken the server to the next level and more ideas are coming to us every day.”

Árni Þór Árnason
Ólafur Arnalds’ manager and co-founder of OPIA

Why do I need Levellr for my Discord community?

  • Save time and reduce risk by using our tools and experts to launch and manage your community
  • Work with a team trusted by Fortune 500 brands, top 100 global artists, and leading sports organisations
  • Turn Discord into a revenue generator, not a cost center
  • Get closer to your superfans than ever before

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