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Creators, brands and businesses use Levellr to manage communities, gather first-party data, and create new revenue streams from messaging groups on Discord or Telegram.

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Getting all of our listeners together in one place to chat with each other has long been an ambition, but we didn‘t know how to make it work. Levellr made this happen for us seamlessly. As a company they have been supportive and sensitive. As a platform they have been exactly what we needed.

Neil Atkinson
The Anfield Wrap, Podcasters & YouTubers

Build a landing page in seconds

Attract members for your free, paid, or members-only community with a beautiful, easy-to-use landing page. Collect email addresses in exchange for a place in your Discord or Telegram community. Set it up in seconds and start building your community immediately.

“After considering multiple options for how best to monetise our podcast, we found Levellr to be the best option that allowed us to generate consistent revenue, without needing to paywall any of our content.”

Sammy James, Fulhamish

Bring supporters from other platforms

Got existing subscribers on other platforms? Give instant access to users from platforms like Patreon, YouTube memberships, Kofi and Substack to create an exclusive Discord or Telegram community just for your supporters.

“It’s like the good era of Twitter!”

Richard Woodward, Blue Monday Podcast

Make money with paid subscriptions

Choose to generate revenue by running a paid community on Discord or Telegram on a weekly, monthly, quarterly or yearly basis. Or make payment optional and take donations from your superfans. Accept credit and debit cards worldwide. Get paid directly.

“Levellr was exactly what we were looking for. We now have a new revenue stream coming in each month!”

George & Ali, Not The Top 20

Guarantee your success with a waitlist

Start a successful, lively community on Discord or Telegram using an early access waitlist. Share your waitlist with friends, family and followers to build hype and prove the demand for your new community. Then launch with a bang.

“By building up a waitlist and inviting a few keen fans to join before we launched, we had a buzzing community from day one.”

Sammy James, Fulhamish

Manage multiple chat groups

Add as many chat groups and channels to your Discord or Telegram community as you like. Automatically invite all your community members into new chat groups as your community grows.


Own your audience data

Break your dependence on the algorithm! Platforms like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and Instagram make it impossible to reach your audience — except through them. With Levellr, you‘ll finally have email addresses for your fans.


Monitor your community health

Understand how your Discord or Telegram community is evolving with insightful analytics. Monitor stats like member growth, interactions over time, members sending messages, churn rate, and more. Devote your time to what matters with a data-driven approach.

“Levellr’s analytics and member database makes it easier to keep track of my community and see what was working.”

Ben Barbersmith, Everyday Runners

Banish trolls from your community

Trolling gets a lot more time consuming and painful if you need to sign up with an email address or credit card. Mute, kick or ban offenders from all of your Discord or Telegram messaging groups at the touch of a button and say goodbye to trolls.

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gather user-generated content from communities.connect with your fans, customers, listeners.understand what your customers a community with your customers.monetise your audience.connect your people from across the globe.understand who your fans and customers are.gather essential data on your customers.create a community for your loyalty programme.

Our fans have been requesting a private chat group for a long time. They really wanted to be able to message each other, and directly engage with us. Levellr‘s tools made it quick and easy to get our YouTube subscribers into a messaging community.

Jay Mottershead
Stretford Paddock, YouTubers

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