Levellr levels up with investment from Crush Ventures

Written by Tom Gayner

Levellr is “leveling up” with an investment from Crush Ventures. Having worked with from Fall Out Boy to Starbucks, we're scaling up our technology to build thriving and engaged fan communities, thanks to an injection of funding from our partners at Crush Ventures - the venture arm of Crush Music - who manage superstars including Green Day, Miley Cyrus and Sia among many others. Crush Ventures have led a $1M pre-seed round, a capital injection that will see Levellr scale across multiple new industries and markets. "We understand the value of authentic engaged fanbases", said Andrew Kahn, lead investor at Crush, "and in particular the power of superfans. Levellr showed us that they understand the space deeply, having landed such an impressive roster of customers mostly bootstrapped. We’re excited to be part of the journey as an investor and a customer."

For us at Levellr, partnering with Crush was a no-brainer. Not only do they have a deep network within the music industry, but they also understand the importance of harnessing superfan communities as practitioners. As such we’ve been able to work with Crush client Fall Out Boy to launch their Discord community. With over 10,000 fans signing up in the first 48 hours of launch, the results speak for themselves. Unlike traditional social platforms, Levellr gives creators and their teams tools to organize, prioritize, learn from and grow fan engagement. This led to an incredible 56% of Fall Out Boy fans opting in for marketing consent through Levellr’s tools - an impressive achievement considering the industry average is 2%. “Before meeting Levellr, we had tried building communities directly on Discord, but it was very difficult to properly scale across the roster”, said Dan Kruchkow, CMO at Crush Music. “From an effective launch, to the manpower required to service them, to moderation to keep them clean and vibrant - Levellr solves for almost all of it. They understand the platform inside out, and their tools are tuned to help build good community habits from the get-go.”

Screengrab of a sign-in page under the words Fall Out Boy Discord coming soon, want in?
Crush and Levellr worked together on a phenomenally successful launch for Fall Out Boy's Discord community.

Since launching our Discord toolset in 2022, we've worked with some of the world’s largest creators and brands across music, gaming and retail. Starbucks, Warner Music Group, Sony Music Entertainment and Universal Music Group have all signed up, and we've seen significant growth across the music industry with a number of high profile artists using Levellr to grow and manage their very own Discord communities of loyal fans. The line-up includes Fred again.., Pink Pantheress, Swedish House Mafia and Maisie Peters, all connecting directly with engaged and excited fans both to launch new music and keep the buzz going between campaigns. Now we’re going to use this funding round to scale up our mission. We've already tripled the size of the team this year to 16, and we're investing heavily in expanding product, engineering and customer success teams to meet demand across the UK and US. We're also starting to grow into new verticals alongside music, including sport, gaming and entertainment. On the Crush investment, Tom Gayner, our CEO and Co-Founder said: "Crush has been a genuine partner from day one. They truly understand the fan, providing invaluable insights and feedback for the product. They’ve backed up investing in us by bringing our software in to help their artist roster, which is a great sign we’re building a product the music industry needs. We think music is a bellwether for how our platform can help brands across industries".

Screengrab of Fall Out Boy Discord community.
Fall Out Boy using the Levellr bot on Discord.

As communities of fans shift from social platforms into messaging apps and dedicated safe spaces, we at Levellr have made it our mission to help artists, teams and brands connect with fans where they like to hang out. Positioning Levellr as a Community As A Service (CAAS) platform, our team has built powerful but easy-to-use tools that plug into existing platforms, including Discord and Telegram, so customers can build, manage and monetise thriving communities. Working together with Crush Ventures, we couldn’t be more excited to charge ahead!

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