The power of using Discord for live music events

Written by Taz Sharp

There’s nothing tougher for a superfan than missing out on tickets to see your favourite artists play or knowing they’re going to be crushing it with an epic set at a festival, but you don’t have tickets.

Levellr works with clients from Fall Out Boy to Starbucks, and we helped Gorillaz and their team reach their superfans for their Coachella sets, widely acclaimed as one of the best performances over the 2-week extravaganza. So, the team approached us to find a way to bring Coachella to the fans via a live listening party hosted within their Discord community.

The event created an incredible buzz, with 5,744 new members signing up to be part of the Coachella experiences alone, a total of 234,127 messages were sent in Discord on the day of the event, the sign of a highly engaged community.

But it’s not just the artists getting in on the act.

Lollapalooza festival in Chicago forged an official partnership with Discord to launch a server for last year’s event.

Designed for fans of the festival, ticket holders, and those who had not been lucky enough to get tickets or make the trip, the space enabled users to engage with so many channels focused on: artists, food, travel alongside links to maps and schedules.

Fans could share their tips & tricks and interact easily with each other, as well as creating memes and content of their own. Critically, once the festival was underway, it facilitated the hosting of live streams of performances, allowing the brand to showcase their skillset in curating a great line up.

So what does this mean for live events going forward…

Nothing beats live music, we all know that. But the beauty of hosting these streams, or bringing live events online is the experience it provides for a loyal fanbase, who can’t always be there all the time.

Meanwhile for creators, it’s an incredible opportunity to promote music, and a smart way to nurture and grow online communities, by offering an opportunity that’s worth signing up for. What’s more, these kinds of memorable interactions help creators keep their community sticky — which we’ve seen with the Gorillaz Discord, where at least 60% of their new members remained active one week after their listening party!

Your superfans are waiting. Contact Levellr today to find out how you can build a community which works for your brand.

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