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The purpose for this community is clear: To help you become better at building and managing a messaging community. So if you are a creator, a community owner, or you work in the community space, then come on in!

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Levellr was exactly what we were looking for.

We have created a real community, a genuine conversation with our fans, and we now have a new revenue stream coming in each month.

β€” George and Ali, Not The Top 20 Podcast


We're in a lucky position as podcasters to have thousands of paying subscribers. Getting all of our listeners together in one place to chat with each other has long been an ambition, but we didn't know how to make it work.

Levellr made this happen for us seamlessly β€” and help us see who our most active superfans are.

β€” The Anfield Wrap


Our fans have been requesting a private chat group for a long time. They wanted to be able to message each other, and get updates from us.

Levellr's tools made it quick and easy to get our subscribers into a messaging community.

β€” The Stretford Paddock


  • Tom has spent his entire working career in the community space, with a large focus on sport, entertainment & the creator economy.

    After helping brands like Nike, Mastercard & Budweiser build communities around sports sponsorships at the marketing agency Octagon, he moved from London to Amsterdam to help build niche football communities for 10,000+ clubs in over 100 countries for tech start-up MyCujoo.

    Ben is a life-long builder. After spending 7 years working at Google, he was reading to start building businesses of his own β€” always focussed on communities aligned with his passions such as running and tabletop RPGs.

    Ben hosts the Everyday Runners community for obsessive runners who try to log a mile every day, runs the Caster Level community for fans of Pathfinder RPG, and learns as much as he can about community on Twitter.

  • Tom


  • Ben


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