How sports podcasters are using Levellr to create messaging communities

Written by Ben Barbersmith

Have you ever thought about creating a messaging community with your listeners or subscribers? We built Levellr having realised that, as sports fans, we all use messaging apps to chat about our favourite team, club, player and latest news. And we use those messaging groups all the time!

Levellr works with clients from Fall Out Boy to Starbucks, and we recently joined forces with Sports Loft. The core principles we use to build happy, healthy communities unite superfans everywhere, including yours.

As a creator, you’ve got thousands of sports fans who love your content, but don’t currently have a way to carry on the conversation, not just with you, but with other listeners or subscribers. Creating a messaging community on an app like Discord is the perfect way to solve this problem, whilst creating deeper fan engagement & revenue in the process.

As massive sports fans ourselves, we are super excited that so many sports creators are using our tools to create their communities. Check out below how other sports creators are setting up communities with their fans.

Members only communities

Already have subscribers on Patreon, Substack, YouTube or your own payment plans? We ensure that only your existing subscribers can access your community. We’re seeing sports podcasters use this functionality in multiple ways:

The Stretford Paddock podcast use Levellr to make sure only paying YouTube members can join the community

Connecting YouTube subscribers or memberships

Levellr have a partnership with YouTube, which means we can directly sync your YouTube subscribers or paying members straight into the community.

Example: Stretford Paddock are the largest Manchester United fan group with over 600k subscribers on YouTube. They also offer YouTube memberships, and as a way to retain those paying members and drive new subscribers, they've offered them the benefit of joining their member only community. Hundreds of fans now go to one place on matchday and when the latest MUFC news come out, the Stretford Paddock community.

What our customers are saying: “Our fans have been requesting a private chat group for a long time. They really wanted to be able to message each other, and directly engage with us. Levellr's tools made it quick and easy to get our YouTube members into a messaging community.” Jay, The Stretford Paddock Podcast

Click here to connect your YouTube subscribers or members to your community.

Connecting Patreon members

The Chasing Scratch podcast use Levellr to ensure only Patreon subscribers can join the community

Want to use Telegram to create a space for your paying subscribers to chat with each other? We make sure only paying subscribers can join the community. If you want certain tiers on your Patreon to get access to specific groups, also possible!

Example: The Chasing Scratch podcast follows two amateur golfers on a journey to get their handicaps to scratch. They’ve picked up a huge audience on their journey, with almost a thousand fans subscribing on Patreon. But those fans wanted more than just extra long-form content from Patreon, they wanted to be able to chat about the latest podcast and their own golf game with other listeners. Now they can chat latest golf equipment, PGA tour and laugh about the pod to their heart's content in the messaging community.

Click here to connect your Patreon to your messaging community.

Your own payment solution:

The Anfield Wrap use Levellr to sync with their subscription payment provider, meaning only paid subscribers can access the community

Using a service like Stripe or AMember to manage payments for your subscribers? We can work with your existing payment providers to sync your members straight into your community.

Example: The Anfield Wrap is the largest Liverpool fan podcast with thousands of paying subscribers. They use Amember as a tool to charge members each month to get access to the podcast. By using Levellr, they synced paying subscribers into their messaging community, with thousands of fans now chatting away on all the latest LFC news.

What our customers are saying: “Getting all of our listeners together in one place to chat with each other has long been an ambition, but we didn't know how to make it work. Levellr made this happen for us seamlessly. As a company they have been supportive and sensitive. As a platform they have been exactly what we needed.” Neil, The Anfield Wrap Podcast

Let us know which provider you currently use.

Pay to access messaging communities

Golficity have two payment plans to join their community, with specific groups if you pay a little more each month

Looking to create a new monthly revenue stream? We’re helping sports podcasters like Not The Top 20 and YouTubers like Golficity earn money every month by putting a paywall in front of their community. You can decide if you want to give fans a free trial before joining, how much you want to charge, and even create multiple pricing tiers.

Example: Golficity have two tiers of pricing in place. Subscribers who pay a little more each month get access to additional chat groups

What our customers are saying: “We’d considered other creator platforms but they felt like a one-way transaction for fans. Levellr was exactly what we were looking for. We have created a real community, a genuine conversation with our fans, and we now have a new revenue stream coming in each month.” George & Ali, Not The Top 20 Podcast

Click here to start your pay to access messaging community

Support messaging communities

The Boro Breakdown podcast let fans support with a monthly payment or join the community for free

Want to let fans support and create a new revenue stream in the process? Podcasters such as the Boro Breakdown and LFC daytrippers let fans join the community for free, or pay a monthly fee to sign-up.

Example: LFC Daytrippers use Levellr’s dashboard to give custom titles to all fans that are supporting them with a monthly payment. A great way to say thank you and to make those supporters feel special. It also leads to more non-paying fans wanting to support!

Click here to setup your support messaging community.

Free to access messaging communities

The Everyday Runners community is helping hundreds of runners feel motivated everyday!

Want to better understand who your podcast & Youtube fans actually are? Want to have your most engaged fans all in one place? By using Levellr to launch and scale your free to access community, you’ll get access to our member dashboard, so you can break your dependence on the algorithm! Platforms like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and Instagram make it impossible to reach your audience — except through them. With Levellr, you‘ll finally have email addresses for your fans.

Example: The Everyday Runners community is a group of avid runners who encourage each other to get out and run every day. When it comes to upselling one-off transaction items like merchandise or tickets, the community owner now has a highly engaged audience all in one place, helping him drive sales whilst creating deeper fan engagement at the same time.

What our customers are saying: “Finding a likeminded group of people and turning them into a genuine community is a real challenge. Using Levellr's analytics and member database makes it easier to keep track of my community and see what was working. And tools like “custom titles” were game changing for engagement!” Ben, Everyday Runner’s Community

What setup do you think makes most sense for you and your audience? We make it easy for you to setup your community as you want it.

Your superfans are waiting. Contact Levellr today to find out how you can build a community which works for your brand.

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