Levellr's top 10 most used features

Written by Ben Barbersmith

A community of superfans drives real results for artists, sports teams and brands. But how do you actually manage a community on Discord on a day-to-day basis? With Levellr’s simple and powerful software tools, you have the power to see what’s going on in the community, access vast amounts of all-important data and maximise marketing and monetisation opportunities.

Before working with clients like Fall Out Boy and Starbucks, the Levellr team had experience building community tools at YouTube, Stream and Google. Now, our goal is to give you GDPR-compliant, time-efficient tools that revolutionise the way you engage with your superfans. Social media simply can’t give you this level of data, engagement or control - but Levellr’s tools put highly-engaged Discord communities at your fingertips with a fraction of the investment of time and resources.

These are the top 10 most-used features which our clients are already using to get the most out of online communities.

1. Custom landing pages

Our customisable landing pages allow you to begin acquiring data from fans immediately upon signing up to the community. It's GDPR-compliant, while simultaneously making superfans feel like they're entering an exclusive club.

Discord screengrab
A custom sign-up page for Fall Out Boy's Discord, which drove impressive marketing consent.

That means opt-in for marketing is much higher. The industry standard consent rate is about 2%. On average, we 25x that at Levellr, with an average opt-in rate of 51.4%...

2. Levellr levelling bot

One way to keep fans engaged and active in the community is to reward posting. Borrowing some ideas from video games, Discord calls these rewards XP (short for "experience points"). When users collect XP they can level up and collect rewards. XP is managed by an automated system or third-party bot, such as Mee6 and Amaribot.

However, in our experience, XP bots can promote bad habits among users when XP is awarded solely for engagement. If a user knows they get rewarded just for sending lots of messages, they're can be tempted into spamming the community.

So we've built our own levelling bot style functionality, but with an improved XP system you can tie to streaming listening and fan activation - driving more streams and engagement from fans in the server.

You can customise engagement you want to drive from your community with Levellr's levelling bot

3. Ticketmaster/e-commerce integrations

Discord is a home for your superfans, and by their nature, they have a high product purchase propensity: they buy tickets, records, merch and more. A recent Spotify report highlights that your top 2% of monthly listeners drive more than 50% of your overall merch sales.

Screengrab of Levellr features
Levellr's e-commerce dashboard showing real dollar amounts.

The problem is that even for superfans, actually getting your hands on tickets and merch can be really hard. Bot scalping and touts increasingly get there first, but we’re fixing this.

Fall Out Boy, for example, ran an exclusive ticket pre-sale within their Discord server for their upcoming tour, via Levellr’s Ticketmaster integration. The results? 25,000 tickets purchased through a server in which 10,000 fans were members, in under 24 hours. That's not just a huge revenue number generated, but genuine superfans having access to tickets.

4. Streaming data

Did you know fans can connect Spotify to Discord? With this hot new feature, we can gather invaluable Spotify streaming data into the Levellr dashboard.

Screengrab of Levellr features
Levellr's streaming data dashboard shows you real streaming numbers.

The Levellr streaming data dashboard shows you numbers including:

  • Total streams From all users who connect Spotify to Discord and play music while they're on Discord.
  • Total streamers How many users who have Spotify connected to Discord and played at least one track.
  • Daily streams per user
  • Hours listened Time spent on Discord discussing their favourite artist while also listening to them on Spotify.
  • Top played tracks per community Ideal for seeing which tracks are a hit with superfans.
  • Top listeners See the top streamers for the community's named artist, including the number of streams and how that number changed compared to previous periods.
  • Flexible timing See all this information for any time period you like.

5. Custom-branded bot

Our bot solution plugs into your community to make it easier to manage the server, drive engagement through scheduled posts, and pull invaluable data into a Levellr dashboard for you to access & use.

Screengrab of Levellr features
Levellr's custom-branded bot lets you lead the community.

6. CRM: First-party data collection

Platforms like Spotify, TikTok and Instagram own your audience data, so you only get to see a very top-line view of overall demographics. By contrast, rather than forcing you to aim for quantity, platforms like Discord allow you to focus on high-quality conversion of your superfans. With your fans consolidated into one space, Levellr has built a superfan CRM to help you understand your audience and own the data.

You can also use your CRM tab to:

  1. Toggle interactions and see who are your most engaged fans in the community.
  2. Give specific users a custom role and admin status, or mute or block a user in two clicks.
  3. See a user's custom roles from Discord.

We do this by bringing together GDPR complaint data from your custom landing pages that sit on top of Discord, and via simple and incentived opt-ins via your custom Levellr bot within Discord

Levellr make it easy to understand who the fans are in your community

7. Demographics

Ever wondered where in the world your superfans are located? Our technology collects this invaluable demographic data and presents it back to you in your Levellr analytics tab, so you can better visualise the location of your fans across the globe and see how this evolves with time.

Screengrab of Levellr features
See where your fans are with Levellr's geographic demographics.

Armed with this data, you can track the impact your worldwide tour has on community membership, or plan tours, listening parties and activations based on your superfan locations.

8. Sentiment analysis & social listening

Levellr sentiment analysis and keyword tracking allows you to keep a finger on the pulse of your community. You can monitor for spikes in positive or negative interactions and flag messages containing chosen keywords.

Screengrab of Levellr features
Levellr's sentiment analysis dashboard.

Want to know what fans think about the latest single/album/merch drop? No need to scroll through thousands of comments on YouTube or Instagram, squinting at the messages: with Levellr tools on Discord you can add any keyword to your activity tab and see every mention. It comes with links so you can jump into the server and reply directly to that message.

9. Scheduled message posting

You don't have to be online to post Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or TikTok messages at set times. So although the ability to schedule posts isn't built into Discord itself, with Levellr’s scheduled posting tool you can send messages set for any time you choose. Use your custom-branded community bot to craft and schedule messages that drop on Discord at the perfect moment.

Screengrab of Levellr features
Levellr's scheduled posting tool.

10. Community Generated Content ‘CGC’ hub

Community-generated-content is a treasure trove of fan creativity, from live event photos to art to video creations.

On average, each Discord community using Levellr tools produces 58 pieces of user generated content a day, 1,752 pieces per month, and over 20,000 pieces of content per year!

The problem, is how to then find, source and use all that incredible content from your Discord server without it being manual and slow?

Levellr pull all CGC from your server into one space on the Levellr dashboard so you can easily download photos and videos fans have posted into the server.

Screengrab of Levellr features
See numbers including fan reactions to each other's content in Levellr's CGC hub.

This makes it super-easy to source, download and use CGC on your socials and owned-and-operated channels. You can also filter content based upon the reactions from other fans in the community, automatically finding the best output.

With the average piece of UGC costing brands £150 today, Levellr are helping our customers save thousands in content acquisition costs per year.

Contact Levellr today to find out how you can build a community which works for your brand.

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