Build unbreakable relationships with your users

Written by Aidan Wilson

Connecting with customers and fans is the goal of any brand. Nothing drives ongoing value like an emotional connection between a person and a brand, and nothing builds and strengthens that bond like community.

Online communities are well-established marketing tools. But there are different forms of community, and brands need to create a rich experience for fans that in turn maximises ROI.

Social media is a great starting point. But smart marketers and forward-thinking brands build a multi-channel strategy - with a focus on the community powerhouse that is Discord.

Whether your brand focuses on gaming, music, sports, content creation or retail, Discord is the place to be.

Why Discord?

Discord is a must-have in today's world.

This wildly popular chat app has 200 million MAUs (monthly active users), so you enjoy a huge reach - but with powerful tools, features and data to give fans and brands a deeper value-driving relationship.

Once signed up, fans enjoy a much richer experience on Discord. Social platforms are great for reaching a mass audience, but amid social media's pool of casual followers, trolls and bots, it's tough to find your high-intention followers. Your options for connecting directly with fans are limited.

With Discord, you speak directly to these most valuable superfans.

So what's the challenge?

It's crucial to understand the results of any marketing strategy. A lack of data often makes it difficult to measure KPIs and prove ROI, so your brand needs a platform that can demonstrate its value. You need to see a clear link between time invested and tangible results.

How do we solve that?

Levellr works with global clients in various sectors like Fall Out Boy, Fred again.. and Starbucks to engage with superfans at every level. Fans unite around their love of music, games, sports teams or any brand that inspires them, and these communities then form self-sustaining emotional connection with fans and superfans to keep them coming back to the community and to the brand.

When using Discord, it’s possible to collect a much deeper range of data analytics to understand the customer and prove the effectiveness of both monetisation and marketing strategies.

Here's some crucial stats showing what we've learned:

Up to 6x more spending by Discord users compared to non-Discord users

A dedicated community attracts high-intention fans looking for cool ways to spend their money.

25x the industry standard for first-party data opt-in

Capture those all-important contact details to maintain your own email marketing list, safe from the changes that can happen on other platforms.

Over 20,000 pieces of community-generated-content

Let fans show their support with user-generated content (UGC) you can use to enrich the brand, offering authentic social proof that entices more fans.

Discord strategies and tools

Levellr gets results with proven strategies and tactics, including:

Social listening

Easily track member feedback, bugs and insights for your community managers, customer support and developers. Spark a self-sustaining conversation to understand your fans and intelligently adapt to a changing audience.

Community management tools

Utilise tools such as scheduled messaging and members overview to streamline community management. Make the most of dashboards, bots and moderators to turbocharge the experience for brand and fans.

Real-Time Analytics

Access real-time data analytics, connecting Discord activity to traditional KPIs and tangible ROI. Learn deeply about your fans and prove the value of time invested in the community.

Integrations reengaging players and fans

Utilize Levellr's integrations with popular gaming and music platforms to monitor game and streaming activity on Discord. Then create engaging quests and incentivise further playing and listening.

Monetisation opportunities

Understand and increase the monetary value of each community member. Reach high-intention fans directly to maximise revenue.

Don't miss out on Discord

All this adds up to an unbreakable connection with your superfans. Contact Levellr today to find out how you can build a winning community and drive value for your brand, whatever your vertical.

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