Why you need community managers

Written by Aidan Wilson

You know your superfans are out there. Whether you already have a community in place or you're ready to gather fans, the key to maximising and monetising your community is asking for a little help.

At Levellr, we provide a suite of simple tools that help music artists, sports teams and brands build and make the most out of fan communities. An active and healthy community drives engagement, sales and other metrics. And we should know: at Levellr we work with brands from Fall Out Boy to Starbucks, supporting them with our expertise and experience to build and grow communities that make a difference.

When you join the Levellr team, you’ll work with an account manager and community manager who can help you establish and grow your community. Whether you're launching a new Discord or energising an existing community, we provide support every step of the way.

Community managers help you:

Prepare for launch

  • Set up a highly personalised community. The Fred again.. community has proven just how valuable personalization is when it comes to Discord. With uber-engagement from superfans, the server has seen success with fan-created remixes and a unique upvote system that highlights key content. It has become the go-to place for anything and everything Fred again..’s world.
  • Introduce Levellr automated systems and other bots to help manage and grow your community
  • Strategise about how and when to launch the community
  • Train your team on how to use Discord
  • Recruit and onboard your paid and fan moderation team ready for launch

Manage your community

  • Schedule regular check-ins to talk about community health and growth
  • Share a wealth of community building knowledge and insight
  • Utilise technical knowledge to run events and drive engagement through bots and other tools. Artists like Fred again.. have held art contests which encouraged fans to channel their excitement into a creative avenue and ultimately led to a steep increase in engagement within the community.
  • Manage the day-to-day with your in-house/paid/fan mod team

Police the community

  • Point of contact with the mod team to help police your community

Why are community managers important?

Discord is unique. The beauty of the platform is that it is a sandbox. You can get truly creative to create a highly personalised experience for your community. But there's a learning curve to achieving the best results. To make the most of your superfans from day one, the ideal situation is to be supported by a team with expertise and experience. Community managers do more than just keep an eye on the day-to-day running, they bring a host of skills that help you achieve your goals even as they change over time.

Those skills include:

  • Specialised expertise Our community managers have a deep Discord-specific skillset. The platform is unique and nuanced, and we ensure your team is backed up by Discord experts whose knowledge comes from years of experience across different sizes and types of community.
  • Moderation awareness All our community managers have experience moderating communities themselves. They understand the challenges, opportunities and skills needed to build and manage your mod team.
  • Professionalism Combining your mod team (which we help recruit & on-board) with professionally-trained community managers at Levellr gives you the safety and confidence of having a reliable and highly skilled team assisting the community.

What are the benefits of Community Management?

Levellr's Community Management brings a host of benefits, including:

  • Saving you time Setting up a community, keeping it healthy and managing mods is an investment of time. When we reinforce you as your community management partners, we give you back time.
  • Removing knowledge gaps We bring a wealth of experience in launching and managing communities to ensure you aren't slowed down by or caught out by knowledge gaps.
  • Safety We help you keep your community safe and minimise incident risk, by ensuring fan mods have professional support, guidance and reporting structure in place when incidents arise in the community.
  • A community that isn't just for Christmas Your Discord community is a home for your superfans - and superfans are always on, whether you're in a campaign moment or not. We help lay the foundation for a thriving community that does more than launch and then tail off. We help keep the community healthy, long-term.

What does Levellr community management offer?

When you work with our community management team, here's what we'll do:

  • Collaborate with you on engagement strategies and activation ideas, in bi-weekly or monthly calls
  • Work with your wider stakeholder team (e.g commercial, digital, marketing, social agencies)
  • Monitor your community engagement-related activities
  • Provide you with habitual systems concepts, like weekly scheduled events, regular updates and listening party events. PinkPantheress has a Writers’ Corner channel which gives fans a hub to share their own songs, ask for advice and chat about writing. Not only does it provide a safe, constructive space for fans and aspiring artists, it encourages them to keep coming back to the channel daily, weekly and even monthly.
  • Provide you with behavioural community insights
  • Provide solutions to increase server engagement
  • Progress member-to-member relationship development
  • Collaborate on how to grow your community
  • Provide moderators with technical support for engagement purposes
  • Provide engagement bot selections or assistance
  • Provide an end-of-month report on community data and insights, plus suggestions for the following month
  • Provide you with access to a Levellr FAQ database to assist you with engagement activities

Your superfans are waiting. Contact Levellr today to find out how you can build a community which works for your brand.

Screengrab of a Discord page.
PinkPantheress runs a channel for aspiring writers.

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