Why you need to find your most (and least) engaged community members

Written by Aidan Wilson

Your community is your fans' favourite thing. They love hanging out with their fellow fans, they devote time and energy getting excited for new content and releases, and they spend money on their passion.

And other members forget they even joined.

Let's be honest. There are different types of fan in every group, with different levels of engagement and interest in the community. It's useful to understand how your members engage with your Discord server - or not - so you can tap into fans who aren't giving the community their full attention.

So how do you energise those fans who aren't so engaged?

Read on to learn about the different types of fan in your community, from the most engaged superfans to the inactive members who never show up. We'll show you how to identify your varied fans and, most importantly, how to reach them so they contribute to your marketing and monetisation goals.

Most active fans: the community leaders

Fans who:

  • Build relationships
  • Give time, support, and effort
  • Spend money

Truly worthy of the name superfan, these members are the backbone of our community. They invest their time and effort in the conversation, supporting you (the community owner) and each other to keep things active and fun. They actively help new members integrate, provide valuable input on the community's direction, and collaborate on projects with the artist or community owner.

You'll often find them initiating conversations, rallying participation in events or activations, and directly contributing to the artist or brand's goals by doing things like hosting events and encouraging song downloads.

These are not just fans but true supporters, be it purchasing the artist's music and goods, watching the league's games on repeat, or playing your game 24/7.

What keeps them engaged?

  • A sense of belonging
  • Genuine connections
  • A platform to pursue their passions
  • Early access to artist updates
  • A means to feed their identity by wholeheartedly supporting the artist or brand

Examples of your most engaged fans

  • Your fan moderation team
  • Members who lead community events
  • Members who go out of their way to help the artist, brand or community owner. For example, in the music world, these are the members who buy or stream a song multiple times to boost chart ranking.
  • Members who are front of the queue for monetisation opportunities like sales, music pre-saves, sports game releases, merch drops and game updates
  • Members who constantly promote the icon/brand
  • Members who provide content

How to reach your most engaged fans

Make your superfans feel valued by recognising their contributions with XP and assigned roles. Don't be complacent: your most engaged fans may be sensitive to and vocal about what they perceive as changes or issues in the way the community is run.

Active fans: the community followers

Fans who:

  • chat
  • build relationships, sometimes
  • don’t give time, support or effort
  • spend money

These fans are your regulars. They engage with the server, especially through chat. While they may not be as deeply involved as the Community Leaders, they play their part. Sometimes they help newcomers and occasionally share their thoughts on community development. You'll see them participate in events, occasionally help out with campaign like boosting song/game/show downloads. And they make the occasional purchase.

What keeps them engaged?

  • A sense of belonging
  • Early bird updates
  • Occasional connections
  • A platform for their interests (when they're in the mood)

Examples of medium engaged fans

  • Members who log into the community more than 50% of the week
  • Members who participate in 20-80% of community events
  • Members who boost who they are following. In music, these are the members who help boost the artist’s chart ranking when it's convenient for them
  • Members who are sometimes there for monetisation opportunities like sales, pre-saves and merch drops for some releases, but not all
  • Members who sometimes provide the artist or brand with content
  • Members who sometimes promote the artist or brand organically

How to reach your medium engaged fans

Continually show them the community is a fun place to be. Keep things fresh and buzzing with our proven engagement strategies. Don't let casual members drop off: encourage activity even in between official campaigns and activations, so they show up when you need them.

Least active fans: potential community members

Fans who:

  • chat
  • don’t build relationships
  • don't give time, support, or effort
  • don’t usually purchase

These fans chat on the server but don't tend to spend much time in the community. They rarely participate in events and only make occasional purchases.

What keeps them engaged?

  • Early bird updates
  • The possibility of winning exclusives or snagging good deals

Examples of least active fans

  • Members who log into the community at least once a week
  • Members who participate in 10% or less of community events
  • Members who don't usually get involved unless they have nothing else to do
  • Members who rarely spend on monetisation opportunities
  • Members who rarely provide the artist or brand with content
  • Members who rarely promote the artist or brand organically

How to reach your least engaged fans

As with all members, continually show them the community is a fun place to be, from the moment they sign up and beyond. Reinforce the message on other channels where they might hang out. Try new things to see what resonates: if a segment of fans isn't responding to your current activity, talk to your members, mods and community management support team to plan an event or campaign that will excite them.

Inactive fans

Fans who:

  • joined your server but don’t use it

There will always be a segment of members who rarely log in and don't get involved in campaigns. While this group represents an opportunity to re-activate some members, it's worth remembering you can't win 'em all. Inactive fans may not have the time to get involved, their tastes may have changed or, sadly, they may simply have decided Discord isn't for them.

What keeps them around?

  • Early bird updates
  • The hope of winning exclusives or finding good deals
  • Most of the time, they’ve forgotten they're in there

How to reach inactive fans

Use your other channels to tell the world about your Discord community. Share teasers on your Instagram stories, in your email newsletters and other marketing outlets. Harness the FOMO to show inactive members (and prospective new members) that they're missing out on a great time in the Discord server.

How can I find my engaged fans using Levellr?

When you choose to work with Levellr, you'll gain access to the tools and support to help you identify, segment and engage with your members - however much they engage with the server.

Community dashboard

In Levellr's Software & Service tier, your community dashboard builds powerful (but easy-to-use) extra levels of features and data on top of the useful tools provided by Discord. Here, you'll find a list of your fans and their interactions in the last 30 days, helping you filter members by their activity level.

Community managers

Levellr's experienced community managers are always keeping an eye on your community. They stay in the know about community events, provide support during online happenings, and ensure any issues are addressed appropriately. These managers can pinpoint the regularly active members who contribute positively to the environment.

Your moderation team

Fan mods are a hugely powerful asset to you and the community. Levellr will help you recruit a trusted fan moderation team upon onboarding: we select members based on their skill set and dedication to the artist or brand, as they willingly invest their time in keeping the community safe. These selected members are some of the artist's most loyal followers.

Work with Levellr now to engage your community

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