Euro 2024 and you: How to turn your Discord community into an unmissable destination

Written by Aidan Wilson

When a big event like Euro 2024 comes along, it all kicks off in your community.

Whatever the purpose of your Discord community, there'll always be real-world events that get members talking. Sports fans will be abuzz about the UEFA European Championship, World Cup, World Series or Super Bowl. Movie fans love the Oscars, gamers are into esports tournaments, and music fans go wild for tours and concerts.

These external events are important because they energise a range of members, including those hard-to-reach fans who need a nudge to get involved. And it doesn't matter if the fan actually attends the event or not - make your community the unmissable destination for superfans everywhere to follow the action, and you'll drive tangible value for your brand.

Here's how community owners can capitalise on any major event to drive engagement and growth.

Create a dedicated channel for the event

Set up a channel just for discussing the event. You could even create voice channels for people to react live no matter where they are. Channels improve the experience for all types of event: for example, you can create team-specific channels during sporting competitions, or follow the example set by musician Fred again.. and electrify fans with a channel for each concert on a tour.

Host live watch parties

If you have streaming rights, your could stream the event directly in a channel, drawing members in for a mass gathering in your server. If not, sync watch parties where members watch the event on their own devices while discussing it in the server. You could even provide commentary and analysis to add value to the viewing experience.

Engage with members

As the community owner, actively participate in discussions and respond to members. It's worth scheduling some extra time and effort for the busier periods around big events, because members love this kind of communication. Keep the conversation lively, reminding existing users this is a fun space and giving newcomers a great first impression.

Offer exclusive content and rewards

Provide members with exclusive content and access, such as interviews, behind-the-scenes footage or special analysis. Offer rewards and giveaways for participation, such as merchandise related to the event or much-sought-after XP, roles and badges.

Interactive content

Run polls and prediction contests before and during the event. Keep interest simmering with quizzes and contests offering prizes and rewards. This is a great way to keep members engaged in the times between the actual events and games.

Encourage member participation

Invite members to create and share their own content, such as memes, fan art or analysis. Highlight this community-generated content in a dedicated channel or during live streams to acknowledge and incentivise their amazing contributions.

Partner up

As well as inviting influencers, commentators and experts to participate in discussions, collaborate with relevant brands or organisations to provide special content or promotions. Partnerships like this are a great way to provide value that your community doesn't usually have access to, as well as potentially reaching a wider crossover audience.

Take advantage of bots and automation

Use bots to provide real-time live updates, scores and statistics. Set up automated alerts for key moments, such as the start of the event, goals and follow-up events to keep members coming back when the game ends.

Post-event content and discussions

If rights allow, share recaps and highlights for members who missed it or want to revisit key moments. Host discussions and post-match analyses after the event to keep the conversation going.

Foster a community atmosphere

A big event can be a busy time and can drive an influx of new members. That's great news for the community, but it's important to ensure the environment is welcoming and inclusive by reminding everyone of the community guidelines and enforcing the rules. Make sure your crack team of moderators are briefed, and consider activating your reserve mods.

Leverage social media and marketing

Promote your Discord community on social media platforms and through partnerships to attract new members interested in the event. Use hashtags and live updates to engage with social followers. Tap into memes, trends and conversations that bring your community to the attention of a wider audience.

Watch out for trademarks

Be mindful of using trademarks and imagery if your brand is not an official partner or sponsor of the event. Familiarise yourself with Discord's policies on copyright and intellectual property, and if necessary create your own assets.

Expert community managers can guide any brand on the best ways to make the most of major events. At Levellr we help global clients like Fall Out Boy and Starbucks engage fans and loyal customers in thriving Discord communities, driving real marketing and monetisation results.

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